Friday, April 20, 2012

Are They Different?

For some reason, I've had writer's block recently. I don't really know why because I feel like I have a TON to write about. I think that this is the longest gap that I've ever had between posts. I've actually been doing a lot of blog reading recently. Finding new ones and reading ones that I've subscribed to for a while.

A question that I'm often asked, after the "Are they twins?" question, is "Are they different?" Depending on my mood, I will answer it nicely or make a snarky remark about them being individuals despite being twins. In all honesty, I don't give rude answers to stupid questions. If it has been a rough day, I'll keep my answers brief and move on quickly.

Are they different? Teagan and Quinn couldn't be more different. I've noticed more and more recently that their personalities are really developing.

She is sensitive and clearly wears her heart on her sleeve. I know I've said that a million times. She smiles with her entire face. A huge gummy grin with two perfect little teeth. Big, beautiful, blue eyes. When she's happy, you know it. She kicks her legs and claps her hands with glee. She has this incredible belly laugh. She has puppy dog eyes that are enough to make me melt. Teagan loves BIG. She gives big hugs and big, sloppy kisses. She will even grab her sister and plant a big kiss on her head.

She's a cautious girl. She approaches the unknown slowly. While she figured out how to pull herself up early on, it took her weeks before she was comfortable getting down. I would stand her up on the couch and then gently drop her to the ground to show her that she could do it. We would do this again and again. When I try to feed her food on a spoon, she will barely open her mouth for the first bite. With a skeptical look on her face she'll try the food and then open her mouth wide for subsequent bites.

She has the saddest sounding cry that pains me to listen to. It makes me want to run in, scoop her up and hold her tight.

She's a Mommy's girl. Teagan and I bonded early on because she figured out how to breastfeed at around 1 week old. She loves nursing. I joke that she would nurse until she's 5, if I'd let her.

She is very unsure around strangers and people she doesn't see frequently. She will usually look to me to make sure it is ok and will sometimes cry. She is easily overstimulated and overwhelmed in crowds. If I suspect that she'll become overwhelmed, I will hold her facing me.

Quinn is very clever and inqusitive. She is constantly trying to figure things out. After putting up the gates, she quickly figured out how she can escape. When she sees what she wants, nothing will stop her. She is incredibly determined and persistent.

She's mini but very mighty. She is usually one of the smallest of her friends but will always manage to push her way into the mix. She loves to crawl through things - tables, chairs, the legs of people or dogs. For such a small person, she can have quite the temper. Normally, she's a fairly calm and happy baby, but when things don't go her way or if she's tired, her intense, impatient side comes out with a vengeance. 

She has the most amazing little laugh. She will suddenly get the giggles and will laugh continuously, usually falling over in the process. Getting laughs out of Quinn is awesome because she can be quite serious. She will stare down new people or those she doesn't see often.

She is fearless and can be a bit of a daredevil. When she first learned to pull herself up, she was quick to learn that she needed to drop to her butt to get down. She loves to be (gently) thrown into a pile of pillows. She shrieks with glee begging me to do it again and again. She will climb up onto anything she can. 

She's a total foodie already. She will willingly open her mouth to anything that I bring her way. Finn and Quinn are very similar in the sense that they can't shovel food into their mouths fast enough. 

I could go on and on writing about each one but hopefully I've given you all a bit of a glimpse into their personalities. 

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