Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and Other Pics

Happy Easter!

Since we bought our house three years ago, we've always hosted an Easter brunch. The crowd always changes depending on who is available, but it is always a good time. This was a special Easter brunch, since it was the first one for the girls. They had a fabulous time and dined on their own fruit salad while we ate a feast!

My uncle Rick, our friend Caitriona and my cousins, Ricky
The "ladies" (as my Dad calls them) with the guys
Teagan and Grandpa
Rob is well-known as a tease...his nieces are no exception.
My cousin, Allie, and Quinn
I do the same thing with my tongue when I'm focused.
Our pretty boy, Finn.
Quinn and Finn


  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed the girls' first Easter!

  2. Rob doing "dangling baby" is awesome! Great memories all around! PS-We have a Finn of the canine variety too :)