Monday, July 30, 2012

14 Months Old!

Happy 14 months (+1 day) to my sweet girls.

Smiley Teagan and Quinn the Monkey

  • Quinn is an extremely proficient walker. I will often let her out of the stroller to walk next to me. We are in a walking bootcamp, of sorts, to get her to follow instructions. Currently, she thinks it's hilarious to make a break for the street while we're at the park (again and again...and again). When she doesn't listen, she is promptly put back in the stroller. 
  • When Teagan does walk, she is very stable on her feet. She has taken up to 10 steps, but won't do it very often. She is still nervous and will usually resort to crawling. She'll do it on her own time!
  • Their comprehension is excellent. I can ask Quinn to bring me the wipes, a book or her shoes and she will do it. They both understand that they must sit down and not stand on their reading chair (otherwise it is taken away). They can identify several objects/animals in their books when asked; dog, cat, lion, rabbit, cup, ball, chair, apple, banana...there are probably more! While they understand a few signs very well (milk, more, eat and all done), they rarely use them. I'm not too sure why. Quinn finally signed milk at me the other day.
  • We are still dealing with the biting, although it doesn't happen as often. Quinn is usually the biter. Right when she bites, she is removed from the situation and ignored for a minute. We then ask her to apologize to Teagan, which means giving a hug and kiss. I was reluctant to discipline them like this but I've quickly realized that they know exactly what they've done wrong. They understand far more than we realize! 
  • Teagan has become fascinated with art. She loves to look at framed artwork and photos. Our twice-a-day trips to bed for naps include many stops to discuss artwork along the way. 
  • They have both started waving regularly. They will usually wave when we tell them to "say" hi or bye. They will wave goodbye to Jenn in the morning, unless they're too into their breakfast. When I tell Quinn that it is naptime, she will start waving "goodnight."
  • They both love fish and recently tried scallops. Quinn adored the scallops and ate Teagan's leftovers. They both loved the kale chips that I made last week. A new favourite snack or breakfast is almond butter on rice toast. 
Going in for a big kiss! Lucky Finn!
We watched the Olympic weight lifters


  1. I just looked at your photo from this time last year...WOW! How they do change from infancy to toddler-hood, eh? Love the weightlifting pic. T is a fast learner ;)

    - Kate