Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Art of Twin Sleep

I think we, parents of multiples, occasionally forget that even though our children were wombmates, they are the same. My girls couldn't be more different, as I've blogged about many times. But, where I desperately want them to be the same, is in their sleep habits. I want them to both sleep for 12 hours per night, every night. I want them to both nap at 9am and 2pm every day. Am I asking too much?!

Quinn goes down like a dream at 9am. Teagan does not. In T's defense, she is usually not tired. I still put her down because she doesn't normally cry but will chat to herself or sometimes play. Quinn is usually up around 10:15/10:30. At that point, we usually head out to do an activity, meet friends or walk the dogs. Selfishly, if I don't get them both down at the same time, I will never get a minute to myself.

Teagan's morning nap is inconsistent at this point, which is why I haven't moved their first nap to later in the morning. Sometimes she's exhausted at 9am and will fall asleep almost immediately.

Yesterday morning, I put her to bed at 9. She didn't make a peep so I assumed she was asleep. I heard her fussing shortly after 10 so I went to get her. Once Quinn was up, we took the dogs to the beach for a run. On the 8-minute drive home from the beach, Teagan fell asleep. Clearly, she spent her time upstairs doing other things. I brought her in from the car and she was still asleep. I held her for a bit but didn't want to put her to bed because a) it was almost lunch time and b) it would screw up her afternoon nap. I ended up lying her on the floor on a pillow. This is what happened:

Fellow parents of multiples...have you ever experienced this? Did you force the same nap schedule or resign to different schedules?


  1. Oh my, that is cute, and is T ever a sound sleeper! I don't think I've been bold enough to let The Bean nap outside of his crib (or carseat) since he was about 4 months old!

  2. I keep the boys on the same schedule! They have all been pretty inconsistent lately, more with their afternoon nap than the morning, so I am thinking it might be time for the transition to one nap. We are taking slow however because they are all different but I need them to be on the same schedule for my sanity & so we can get out of the house to do things.

  3. I have no advice, but that video is hilarious!