Monday, July 2, 2012

I Have Two Boys

Yes, it's true. I have two furry boys. That's not who I'm referring to though.

In August 2010, Jenn and I were on vacation in Cape Cod with some friends. For fun, I went to see a palm reader. I had never seen a psychic before and quite honestly, didn't want to spend the money on it. This palm reader only cost $10 so I figured, why not. I told him nothing about myself. Literally nothing. He quickly started saying very specific things about my life. It was eery. He then asked me about the twins in my family. I don't have twins in my family, I told him, completely forgetting that my grandfather had a twin sister. Hmm, he said, puzzled but still sure of himself. Well, you're going to have twin boys, he then tells me. He goes on to say that October is going to be a very big month pregnancy-wise. Hearing that brought a sigh of relief. I know, he's a $10 psychic. We had already done four inseminations with no luck so I was willing to grab onto anything. October first rolled around and I took a pregnancy test. Positive. Our fifth insemination had worked. October twenty-something rolled around. First ultrasound. Twins.

Long before the $10 psychic, I just knew I was going to have boys. I started babysitting in my early teens. I babysat a ton of boys. I loved it. We would build forts and obstacle courses. We would play road hockey and baseball. We would roughhouse and have wrestling matches. As the years went on and I thought about having my own kids one day, I always pictured myself with boys.

Imagine my surprise on New Years Eve 2010, when the ultrasound tech told us that we were having two girls. To be clear, I was surprised but not disappointed. I was having two beautiful, healthy babies and that was all I cared about.

So, what's with the title of my blog entry? I have two girls who are so much like boys. If you have boys, please don't be offended. I'm simply playing on the stereotypes of little boys. For the record, I know many little boys who don't do any of what I'm about to describe!

1) T&Q eat like stereotypical boys - grabbing massive handfuls and shoveling food into their mouths. We were in the park the other day with my friend and her twin boys. I offered the boys some grapes from a bowl. They carefully took one at a time. My girls then shoved their way in to grab as many as their little hands would allow. [This has happened with my friend's daughter as well]
2) They are pushy and rough! Quinn, especially, will push anyone out of the way to get what she wants. They love to roughhouse, climbing all over Jenn or me or each other.
3) They never stop moving. Parents of little boys will often tell me that their son(s) are exhaustingly active. A trip to the park is no longer restricted to the blanket that I've laid out. On some days, I'm counting the minutes until afternoon nap time.
4) They get into EVERYTHING. Ok, I know that most babies are like this. But, based on what I've seen with our friends' children, mine do this more than most. Within minutes of being at the park with friends, Teagan had taken everything out of her diaper bag and proceeded to rip the wipes out one by one in order to put them in her mouth. She then moved onto the stroller, throwing out everything that was in the basket underneath it. At the same time, Quinn was stealing her children's food and hoarding it like I never feed her, while attempting to also steal the utensils that her son was holding.

Regardless of whether they sometimes act like little boys or not, I will be just as happy if they end up doing ballet and dance (or figure skating, if my Mom has her way!). I find it so interesting that I could feel so sure about something and have it go the opposite direction...but not really. It really doesn't matter. Teagan and Quinn are so full of life and personality. I couldn't be happier with my two monkeys!


  1. I love it :)
    VERY weird that the psychic hit it on the head with the pregnancy and the twins part.

    I went to a psychic who told me that she saw me with twin boys...but that one would die.

    Nice right.

    I can't say that I don't think about it. A LOT. Scares the shit out of me really.
    but she was just a lady reading cards and shit out of her house. blah blah blah.
    (still totally freaks me out)

    1. Wow really nice. I definitely would have thought about it a lot as well!

  2. Having a little boy, I totally agree with your "stereotypes" could have just described our little guy to a tee! I think it just means that they are confident and enthusiastic and will make things happen in their lives instead of waiting around for, well, some boy to do it for them :)

    On a side note: I had to read this blog post to the wifey because a psychic (someone who was the entertainment for co-worker's party at work) told her a couple of months ago that she was going to have twin girls and that the number 8 would play strongly into the pregnancy...she was not sure if that meant the 8th month or 8th day or 8 months later, etc., but we keep laughing and joking that on August 8th we are going to find out we are pregnant with twins, LOL

    1. Twin girls are awesome so if that psychic is right, that would be pretty awesome :)

      I like "confident and enthusiastic" btw. I definitely didn't mean any of the things I mentioned in a negative way :)

  3. My brother (age 3 at the time) predicted that my mom was having twins when she was pregnant with us. This was before ultrasounds and she had NO idea that he was right. In fact, she didn't know she was having twins until she was in labour. He would talk about "his sisters" and one time when she was making eggs and got a double yolk and he told her they were all going to be doubles because she was having twins. She cracked the whole carton and he was right --they were all doubles and she did have twins.

    Sometimes I feel like watching The Bean is like watching twins. lol.

    1. That is AMAZING. Does your brother still predict things?

  4. Its awesome that you have two babies! We were hoping for twins, since it runs in my family, not so lucky! But, we will take the 1 over none any day! ;) Love reading about your family!

    1. Twins have been great but definitely a ton of work :) Thanks so much for reading my blog!