Wednesday, July 11, 2012


407. 407 days ago, my other relationship and I met. Since then we have been inseparable, rendez-vous'ing at least once per day, but in the early days up to eight times per day. She's been in cars, on planes, gone on vacation, traveled to the US and across Canada and even been with me while I BBQ'd dinner or made breakfast.

Yesterday, was the first day, in 407 days, that my other relationship, my Medela Freestyle pump, and I did not have a date! It was a break up of sorts for Medela and me. I might have slightly caught her of guard, but if you read my post linked above, you would know that I was ready. Medela and I will still see one another, but we will have occasional coffee dates, as opposed to standing 9pm post-dinner dates.

I was pumping for T&Q's bedtime bottles, but have managed to "train" my body to make enough milk to nurse them both at bedtime. They are both still nursing four times per day.

Farewell Medela, my friend! Thank you for your dedicated service!


  1. Maybe you two will meet again in a couple years...I bet T & Q would make awesome big sisters ;)

    PS-It is awesome you kept up that relationship so long and with twins. Good job Mama!!!!

    1. Hopefully Jenn will read your comment ;) We discuss a sibling (singular!) for the girls but she isn't so sure!

      I'm still nursing the girl 4x day but am so grateful to not have to pump anymore!

  2. Well done mommy ! I'm impressed that you were able to Medela wean. ;-)