Thursday, January 31, 2013

20 Months Old!

The girls have officially graduated from the teen months! They celebrated their 20 month birthday in sunny Turks & Caicos! Pictures from the trip to follow.

  • Quinn seems to have had quite the word explosion. She will attempt to say almost anything I ask, providing she's in a good mood! She loves to say diaper of all things, but pronounces it like a native Bostonian, diapah! Teagan has less words than Quinn but will attempt to "talk" if the mood strikes her. She babbles constantly and often uses her hands to point or explain what she's talking about. They continue to use their signs quite a bit.

  • T &Q go from being best friends to battling it out like it World War III with the flip of a switch. One minute they're sitting in the corner giggling uncontrollably and the next they're screaming, pulling hair, biting arms and hitting faces. 

  • Quinn has turned into a big helper. As I write, she is setting up the high chairs. She will put them in their appropriate position and put the trays and sippy cups on each one. She loves to be given tasks. She will happily fetch diapers, wipes or my phone. I think I've commented on this in previous months but honestly, it is only getting better now that she understands so much!

  • This month they started gymnastics and Sport.ball class. Most classes now require a 1:1 ratio now so I need to bring someone with me. My Mom and I do gymnastics and Jenn and I do Sport.ball. Gymnastics has been fantastic. Teagan is loving the trampoline. It's all she wants to do. She is trying very hard to jump but hasn't quite figured it out. The class is perfect for draining their energy. They spent an hour running, climbing, swinging, hanging and attempting to jump! They discovered the water fountain, which is probably on par with the trampoline in terms of popularity. Sport.ball is good but I'm unimpressed with the number of kids they pack into one class. Add one or two parents per kid and it is chaos. The kids learn something to do with a specific sport each week. Last week, they learned how to throw a ball and even attempted throwing it through a hoop. 

  • They have a few books that are favourites and have now been torn apart (they're board books too!). They love to read them again and again. They continue to love dictionary-style books because they can point out all of the objects. They also love any books with animals and now have their versions of most animal sounds. Depending on their mood, they'll sit for longer periods now and listen to a few books. Incorporating a book at bedtime has been challenging because we are lucky enough to have children who love going to bed. By 6:30ish on most nights, Quinn is pointing upstairs.

  • Their hair has grown a ton. Both of them have the most adorable little curls in the back.  Quinn's hair could actually use a brushing on most days.

  • They have been loving soups this winter. I'll make homemade chicken broth every week, which gets turned into two different soups. Current favourites include coconut butternut squash and black bean. Teagan easily eats two bowlfuls on most days. They have become very good with their spoons and forks. At home, they always eat off plates or out of bowls, which has made eating in restaurants a little bit easier.


  1. I always get hungry reading your posts. The food you mention always sounds so good!

    Great update! Love the beach picture.

    Ian is doing sportball for the first time, but he's old enough to go in on his own. He LOVES it and it's so fun to watch him. I did gymnastics with Erik when he was 2 and it was a nightmare. LOL. But he did gymnastics again this fall and loved it.

  2. What big girls!!! Lucky lucky to be in beautiful Turks and Caicos right now!

  3. So sweet! I can't wait to see them again! I hope Quinn still loves babies. ;)