Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top Read Posts of 2012

I know that this is a common entry to start the new year for most bloggers. I've seen it on a few blogs now and really liked the idea. I chose to do the top read posts (regardless of the year they were written) because a very large majority of my readers find me through search engines.

So here it goes!

10. "Food Before One, Is Just For Fun"
-- I don't always share the mainstream (North American) opinions on food and health but always love a good debate ;)

9. "Oh twins..."
-- Naturally, as my first ever blog post, it has a special place in my heart. If you don't know our back story in the TTC process, here it is!

8. Merry Christmas! Love, T&Q
-- I'm so happy that this post made the top 10 because the pictures capture this Christmas perfectly!

7. Our oldest "child" turns 4!
-- Not sure what people are searching to find this one..."dog treated as a child" perhaps?!

6. Christmas Trees and baby bump
-- My first bump picture! Man o' man I'm glad I didn't know what that 36-week bump picture was going to look like!

5. 32-Week Bump and the Twin Moby Wrap
-- "Twin moby" seems to be a common search that gets people to my blog.

4. Product Review: Stonz Boots
-- I LOVED these boots last winter. They were so quick and easy to get on their feet.

3. 36-week Bump!
-- It seems that a lot of people find my blog by googling "twin bump pictures". Look at that torpedo!

2. Subchorionic Hemorrhage and Gummy Bears
-- A scary moment from my pregnancy that fortunately turned out to be nothing!

1. Product Review: Cory.zalia (homeopathic children's cold medication)
-- This post is the overwhelming winner. Homeopathics are an amazing and safe alternative to over-the-counter medications that have all sorts of side effects! (I do not work for Boiron and receive nothing from them, I swear!)


  1. Sadly. I had a blog titled panties and I replaced the i with an ! to throw off anyone possibly googling the word. It didn't work and unfortunately I had the most hits on this post. I also had pictures of 2 very proud little boys in their new favorite super hero underwear. I also got TERRIBLE comments and had to remove the whole post.

    Sick bastards.

    1. That's hilarious and disturbing!

      I've wanted to do that as well but the searches that lead people to my blog are pretty innocent so I wouldn't know how to control it.