Sunday, March 31, 2013

22 months!

The last month has flown by. We have spent most of it at my parents house because our house is on the market. The girls adjusted easily and are loving being here. We still need our house to sell though (think positive thoughts for us!).

Kisses for Grandpa while watching Baby Ei.nstein
A few updates:

  • The girls "named" my Mom. She didn't want to go by the traditional Grandma or Nana (or any other version, really), so she was holding out until the girls were able to come up with something on their own. She was occasionally calling herself, Patty (her first name), around them. A few weeks ago, they started calling her Atty. And so you have it, Grandpa and Atty! 
  • They are both testing the limits (and my patience) more and more these days. They are both throwing tantrums when they don't get their way. Teagan usually throws herself to the ground, crying. Quinn will scream at the top of her lungs and usually grab onto my leg. As long as they're safe, I do my best to ignore it. I usually tell them that I will give them attention when they stop crying. 
  • We started a new class last week that includes an arts and crafts component (decorating an Easter egg on construction paper). Teagan had a blast making her masterpiece. She was fascinated by the glue (but fortunately, did not eat it!). She loved decorating her egg with pom-poms and feathers. Quinn was more interested in pulling them on and off. 
  • They have started calling Jenn and I by name - Mommy (me) and Mama (Jenn). They will correct themselves if they call Jenn, Mommy or me, Mama. While Jenn is at work, they constantly find items of hers and say, Mama! They will also do the same with Grandpa and Atty. They are incredibly observant and will remember that I was drinking out of a green cup, for instance, and then hours later point to another green cup and say, Mommy! 
  • Teething hit our house with a vengeance again this month. Teagan's K9 teeth (the last incisors) have all popped through. She was pretty clingy and miserable for a few days. A few of Q's K9s and molars have also found their way out. 
  • No! Unfortunately, they have found this word. Whenever I ask anything of them, the answer is often, no with and very emphatic head shake. 
  • To elaborate on their powers of observation...We have found that if there is something we don't want them to see/learn how to do, we have to make sure they aren't watching. Teagan will see a banana across a crowded room and will continuously demand, 'nana'. Quinn adores cheese, which they only get as a special treat. If an item is on the counter that even slightly resembles cheese, she will repeat 'cheese' over and over again. They constantly amaze me in this department. When we are out, they will often point out things that I hadn't even noticed. 
Laptop, phone, water: Earnin' her keep
Happy as can be!


  1. Grace is starting to become a little tantrum thrower too and she's only one... yikes! ;) How great that the girls have named you both and Atty! I'm sure you LOVE hearing them call you by name and how cute is it that they actually know which items belong to mommy vs. mama?!

    Oh and that picture of the girls with grandpa - it doesn't get much better than that.

    1. Quinn started throwing tantrums around that time too. Maybe Grace is hitting the terrible 2s really early?! ;)

  2. Tantrums. Uggghhh. I do not miss that stage at all. Generally ignoring that behavior has worked well for us thus far. Those girls are seriously the cutest ever! I love the animated faces they make.