Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Time and the Felt Tree

I LOVE Christmas time. I'm a total Christmas nut. I love the music, the decorations, the lights….

I now have Christmas mini-nuts in the making :) I already showed them part of the movie Elf. Since then, they'll randomly start saying, Buddy the elf! They are obsessed with Christmas lights and love pointing out Santa, reindeers, trees and snowflakes. They don't realize that Christmas also means presents yet. I love that.

The girls have recently gotten really into arts & crafts. They love to draw, but probably love using glue and stickers even more. I've picked up several little projects at the dollar store recently. They've decorated Christmas bags with felt, foam, stickers, sparkly pom poms, feathers etc. I have also seen the felt tree all over Facebook recently, so I decided to give it a whirl. They love it!

How to:
-- I grabbed the felt at a fabric store because I needed a very large piece of green.
-- I cut out the tree and glued it to some bristol board.
-- Using masking tape, the tree was secured to the wall.
-- Felt sticks to felt, so I cut out shapes and the girls started decorating!
-- Note: I have seen a few of these trees done with velcro, but my method seems to be working well!



  1. Your felt tree came out so cute! I love all the colors as I'm sure the girls do to. I've always wanted to make one but we don't really have a big open wall to put up the tree. Maybe in our next house. Happy almost-Christmas!

  2. The boys loved our felt tree last year but pulled it down often! I may have to try the bristol board this time & see if that + a year older helps :)
    Glad the girls are loving it! I'm so excited for Christmas this year & the excitement this age brings with it!

  3. I LOVE it and have a feeling The Bean would too... not sure that I'm organized enough to make one for him, but maybe we can invite ourselves over to play with T&Q's. ;)

  4. Love it! So going to do this. Your art projects rock :)

  5. Cute. I can't have that because 3 cats + 1 Newfoundland. That thing would look like a pet fur mess in a day. :P