Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween with MonkeyTiger

I realized yesterday that I never posted Halloween pictures! While shopping in early October, Quinn spotted her Halloween costume from across the store. I didn't even know the store sold Halloween costumes! She saw it and instantly loved it. She has worn the costume every day since…

Excited to show off her costume to
Rob and Kelly (October 4th)
Knowing that I couldn't arrive home without a costume for Teagan, I picked up a veterinarian costume. It was adorable - blue scrubs with puppy paws all over it. It included a stethoscope and a little hat. The kid adores animals and is the baby dog whisperer. I thought it was perfect. I was wrong. She freaked out and demanded a monkey of her own.

By the time I returned to the store the next day, the monkeys were gone. I did manage to get her an adorable tiger. And this is where "Monkey Tiger", as Quinn called it, began.

We took them to a Halloween party on the weekend before the big day. Despite the rain, we did take them out for a stroll around the neighbourhood on the 31st. They didn't understand the candy thing and I wasn't going to encourage it. It didn't matter though. They had a blast running through the rain taking in all of the lights and sounds of Halloween. 

The girls and I grabbed a quick picture in front of a house
in our neighbourhood. They thought the cat was very cool
and talk about it every time we pass this house now!


  1. Those are great costumes!!! Last year the boys hated their costumes that had heads/hats on them, which is another reason I skipped the dinosaurs this year, I just wasn't sure how they go?
    Cutest MonkeyTigers ever!!! :)

  2. Love the hugging picture. I too think the cat rocks. That's a big damn cat.