Wednesday, November 27, 2013


From the second I found out that I was having girls, I was anti-princess. There were going to be no "Mommy thinks that I'm a princess" onsies worn by my girls! While I am still not a huge fan of the princess obsession, I've certainly lightened up.

The girls adore their friend, S. She is a cool, "older" friend at almost 4 years old. She loves the girls as well, particularly because she gets to boss them around. S is a HUGE princess fan. The kid has a trunk full of dresses, tiaras and shoes. S's mom, like me, was not a fan of the whole princess thing before her little girl became totally obsessed. She too, lightened up.

Whenever we go over there for a play date, S has a plan. It usually involves princess dresses. I managed to snap a few photos today. It was WAY too cute to pass up!

Even in a princess dress, she moves at the
speed of light! :)


  1. We too are generally anti-princess. Funny enough it is our son who is edging us toward princess acceptance. Princesses (along with kings, dragons, knights, and so on) apparently come second nature with dress up play and imagination.

    PS-they sure do make some seriously cute princesses ;)

  2. So be happy. I was fine with Syd wanting to be a princess and dress up and play dolls. Didn't get it. :)
    LOVED that dress up trunk. I think we got ours from Costco. It's like a princess dress up party in a trunk. A little something for everyone.