Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tales from a sweet pea

There's not a heck of a lot to report in the life of our sweet pea (6 weeks). I did read this morning, which prompted my post…

You may find yourself developing a bit of a split personality — feeling moody one day and joyful the next. Unsettling as this is (especially if you pride yourself on being in control), what you're going through is normal.

I woke in an awful mood this morning. I'm not really sure why. Glad that I'm "normal." Despite a decent sleep, I woke up tired. That's been the case for the last few mornings. The girls started fighting before 6:30am so that certainly didn't help. We have since had breakfast and they're relaxing on the couch watching an episode of Caillou, while I drink tea and type. Day is getting better!

So, you might have noticed that I referred to baby as a SINGLE sweet pea. We are having "just" one! I ended up having a very early ultrasound last week. I was having some pains on one side of my lower abdomen. They were sharp and very localized. The one-sidedness concerned me, especially because we were getting ready to go down to Western MA for a long weekend for a wedding. (Pictures to come -- wedding was gorgeous!)

I sent a message to the doctor because it was after-hours and I couldn't reach the nurse. His response wasn't encouraging. "Please go to the emergency room." Jenn was angry at the shortness of his reply because it scared me. I knew that I would feel much better if I ruled out an ectopic pregnancy, so I went to the ER, only to leave 3 hours later at midnight without an answer. Because I wasn't doubled over in pain and/or bleeding, they felt confident that I could get a proper OB ultrasound in the morning. Thankfully, my morning ultrasound showed an intrauterine pregnancy with one little sac. We were relieved on many levels!

Symptom-wise -- I don't have any real complaints. Symptoms seem to come and go. I seem to be a little bit more tired than usual. I have very mild bouts of nausea that come and go, usually when I'm feeling hungry. The abdominal twinges are less frequent now.

We have our first midwife appointment this week -- with the same midwife who delivered the girls! And, we are going in for an ultrasound next week to see the little gummy bear. I can't wait to see the heartbeat!

PS. YES, AMANDA…my bucket list is coming soon!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the scary circumstances, but yay for an early ultrasound! We're still trying for a #3 (my wife took a LONG time to come around to the idea; our twins are 5)-- it's so nice to read success stories!

  2. Glad to hear everything is okay. It's scary when you're pregnant and don't feel well.

  3. This is all very exciting. I'm surprised that there isn't more written about the pain and bleeding in most normal pregnancies. I hear more people speak about this in pregnancies that go on to the delivery of a healthy child than not. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. I've heard of so many people having similar experiences and I'm with K above, I'm surprised we don't hear more about it.

    That said, Aaaaaaahhhh! One itty bitty cute sweet pea. I'm so so so excited for you. And, yes, get up that bucket list!!!!!

  5. So glad all is well with sweet pea. Pregnancy can make you so crazy with all of the unknowns. I liked getting to the stage where I could feel the baby move but then I'd worry if he/she wasn't moving enough. :P