Sunday, July 19, 2015


Pregnancy insomnia is back.

It's 3:55am and I've been up for an hour. Thankfully, it isn't happening every night. It's only a once a week-ish thing. I don't want to disturb Jenn and get frustrated trying to fall back to sleep, so I get up. Once I've been awake for a little while, I get hungry. So, I sit here with my computer and a bowl of granola and blueberries.

I just discovered these photos on my phone.

If I can't sleep, I might as well laugh! The girls love to colour. They especially love to colour their fingernails, hands and faces. I'm not keen on it and stop it if I see it, but they're sneaky. This was too funny not to photograph. But, then it turned into a game. She ran around the house and I chased her trying to snap a photo. At least they're using washable markers!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm guessing that's what she was going for! ;)

  2. Clown face? Lol

    Insomnia, brought on by anything, is crappy. Warm milk? Melatonin? And why have we still not got a belly shot?!?! You know, I'm not going to let that or Summer Bucket list go, lol!

    1. OMG I have no clue what she was going for!! Today I caught her drawing lines across her face. She looked like a cat. it was hilarious and took everything in me to not laugh.

      I can't take melatonin while pregnant. It's not every night, but when it happens, it's awful. No belly shots yet because there is nothing but a bloated belly!!

      OMG that damn bucket list. It is in my head. I should really just right it out. Can mine be a Fall Bucket List instead?! ;)

  3. Mother nature. She's such a crack up. Getting you all ready to be up breastfeeding. Why doesn't she just let you sleep while you still can ??