Monday, July 13, 2015

There are no secret snacks

No, Mommy. We have to get one for Quinn.

I was out running errands with Teagan yesterday. I grabbed myself a protein bar and asked Teagan if she would like a bar too. She said yes, but in the same breath said that Quinn would like the apple cinnamon one. I told her that we didn't need to get one for Quinn this time since she would be eating it in the car. She would hear nothing of it.

This happens anytime I'm out with one of them. They usually request a small snack and I usually oblige. If we're in the grocery store, they ask for a pouch (those fruit and veggie baby pouches). I let them choose one. Two pouches are always picked up, with one proudly brought home for the other.

My girls fight like crazy at home. They yell, hit and push each other. Part of me gets it. I have brothers. We fought too. Sibling rivalry is normal. But, as a twin when you're young, you spend every waking second together. I can't imagine, but I'm also not a twin. I guess that this is where the twin bond comes from. They don't know any different.

A week ago, the girls had been fighting for hours. I tried and failed to separate them. I finally said to the them, Why don't I find you each a camp so that you can have some time away from each other?!! This was met with a very quick and emphatic, "NO!" Quinn then told me, Mommy, we never fight at school or at camp! And that's just it. These two are thick as thieves. I feel so privileged to be able to watch their bond develop right before my eyes.

When Teagan is nervous to try something new, Quinn takes her hand and shows her the way.

When Quinn is feeling too shy to ask someone a question, Teagan takes her hand and asks for her.

When the camp bus pulled up on the first day, they nervously sat together on their first bus ride.

When Teagan is crying hysterically because I'm going out for dinner, Quinn takes care of her, feeding her dinner and helping her into her PJs (yes, a babysitter is present!).

When I get upset with Quinn for colouring all over the couch with marker, Teagan is the first to grab a cloth and start cleaning.

On a good day, they will disappear for hours into their imaginary world, creating the most spectacular stories.

Yet, despite all of this, we can go to the park and they will go their separate ways. Quinn will head off to play with her best friend while Teagan grabs a shovel and some trucks and happily plays independently in the sandbox. They have their own friends at preschool and can be in separate groups or sit across the circle from one another without issue. I love this about their dynamic. They can shift between playing separately and together seamlessly.

I love that they are fiercely loyal to each other. I love that they adore each other, yet drive each other totally nuts. I love that they always have each other on their minds when they're apart.


  1. As I read this, our boys are wrestling over a toy & shouting at each other... I did stop to correct them, lol...
    I get the same thing when I take just one out with me, this weekend at the grocery store the cashier handed Garren a balloon, he said he needed 2 more for his brothers. I love those moments when they let me know they are always thinking of each other & really aren't as selfish as they seem at home.
    I have spent a good part of this summer second guessing my decision to keep them in the same class at school this year because they fight so much at home but your post gives me hope :)

    1. I kept them together for preschool because I liked that they would have the comfort of each other. I figured that they could always be separated if issues arose. I'm sure your boys will be fine -- kids are always better for everyone else. Plus, the teacher will have rules and routine for them to follow. The girls were at a birthday party on Saturday at this kids' gym. The girls sat and listened to every word the instructor said -- Jenn laughed saying that they NEVER listen to her that well!

  2. Not multiples, but I totally get this. Our two are quite bonded. They do not fight a whole lot, mostly over iPads or some toy. The worst I've ever seen them go at each other was over AN APPLE!!! Lol! Boo has been sick the last couple days and LM came home today from camp with a get well card he had made her while there. So damn sweet. I think it is wonderful your girls protect each other and mane sure the other has a snack ;)

    1. That's adorable! Nothing like seeing a strong bond develop between siblings. My brothers and I have always been close. I can only hope for the same for our girls (and the little coconut!).

  3. I LOVE when the kids do this. Think of the others. I remember taking Syd out once years ago for a mommy and me date and there was some road construction. Out from the back seat Syd says..."It's too bad the boys aren't here, they would have loved to see these big trucks" She was really sad about it. When I take the kids to the doctor and they get a sucker they will always ask to take one for their siblings. Not such a big deal when there's 1, but with 5 it's asking a LOT :-) ha ha ha
    Love that your girls have such a special bond.

    1. Haha yeah asking for 5 would be a lot, but it's the though that counts. It's so sweet to see them thinking of others at such a young age.