Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Pounds o' Baby

The girls have made it to 34 weeks which means that they officially graduate from the Sunnybrook multiples clinic! We are absolutely thrilled because this is a huge milestone for twins. Had they been born before now, they may have required Sunnybrook's level III NICU.

So I had my final Sunnybrook ultrasound this morning. Our girls are little beefcakes! Baby A is weighing in at 5 lbs 2 oz (just above the 75th percentile!) and B is 4 lbs 13oz (approx 70th percentile!). With 3 lbs of placenta weight and a ton of fluid added to their weights, I now understand why I've slowed down significantly in the last three weeks. Ultrasounds are definitely not an exact science, so while the weights may be off (+/- 11oz), it's nice to know that the important things like amniotic fluid levels, blood flow to the babies, umbilical cords etc. are all looking very good. I feel so fortunate to be able to talk about the "fun" things, like their weight gain and percentiles. We've met another future twin parents who have not been so lucky, so I certainly count my blessings.

So the big question that I'm being asked these days....how much longer?! The next few weeks are very important for the babies in terms of growth (fattening up) and lung development. One week can make all the difference between NICU time or not. I'm hoping that they stay in their until May 20, but if they were to come anytime after Jenn's birthday (May 12), I'd still be happy. The specialist at the twin clinic recommends induction between 37.5-38.5 weeks (May 24-31). We also learned that 50% of people go into labour on their own around 36 weeks (May 13).

Since the girls have graduated from Sunnybrook, we're going back to full-time midwife care. I'll still be going in for weekly ultrasounds. Providing the ultrasounds continue to look good, we'll be seeing the OB at delivery!


  1. Congrats on the great news! Here's hoping that all our babies stay put another few weeks!

  2. congrats!! That's awesome you can see a midwife. There's none around here who will see twins (and we ended up at an peri!)