Sunday, May 15, 2011

36 Week Bump

36 weeks! Time has really flown by. At this point, it's a waiting game. I haven't felt what I would guess are real contractions...or I don't think I have! I've been getting more braxton-hicks-type contractions though but they're different from the ones I've gotten in the earlier weeks. I've also been feeling a ton of pressure in my lower abdomen. Baby A feels like she's going to push right through my hip at many points throughout the day.

I went for my final ultrasound on Friday. Since I've graduated from Sunnybrook, I had to go to an ultrasound clinic. We've been spoiled at Sunnybrook. The tech would tell us everything (measurements, weights, fluid levels etc) right away. At the clinics, they aren't allowed to tell you ANYTHING. I got annoyed with the woman so she gave me a weight estimate for the babies. She was definitely just trying to appease me so who knows how accurate they actually are. She said that both babies are approximately 5 1/2 pounds.

The babies will be here in a matter of days (at most 12 days). I'm definitely hitting a wall and am ready to have my body back. Yes, I'll admit that I'm feeling quite uncomfortable now but will still miss being pregnant. It's funny how that works.

Here it final bump picture! The 36 week twin bump: