Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I wish I had two moms..."

We went to see one of our midwives, Christie, today. She told us a quick story about her 6-year old son, who is in kindergarten. He has two best friends at school. The three of them are inseparable. It just so happens that his two bffs both come from families with two moms. Recently, Christie's son told her husband that he wishes that her husband was a woman. Then while chatting with Christie, he said, "Mom, why couldn't you have married a woman?! I wish I had two moms!" She tried to explain to him that it isn't that easy.

Our society has definitely come a long way! Jenn and I are so fortunate to live in such an open-minded and diverse city like Toronto where there are so many definitions of family. Hopefully this will not only help our girls always feel included and accepted but it will teach them to be compassionate and accepting of others as well.

In other news...

I am no more dilated than I was at my OB appointment last Thursday. Apparently, these babies are very comfortable in there. At this point, I'm not going to try and force things. I'm a huge proponent of listening to my body. My body is telling me that its not ready to let go of these babies just yet (for whatever reason!). Anyways, I have a feeling that I'll make it to Saturday's induction at this rate. So for now, I just need to 'be' with it and enjoy the last few days that Jenn and I have as a twosome! Come Saturday morning at 10:30am, the forced eviction process officially begins!

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  1. this is exciting! I wish you all the best. those babies surely will receive all the love they need :)