Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom, Mommy, Momma, Maman, Ema??

We had dinner with my cousin, Katie, the other night. She had a question for us, she said nervously. She feared that the question would be too personal. That was actually a big reason why I started this blog. I am not easily offended and don't feel like there are too many questions that would be too personal, especially when it comes to our family. I'd much rather the question be asked then for family and friends (or strangers!) to sit and wonder (and inevitably jump to conclusions).

So, Katie's question, 'what are you guys going to call yourselves?' Good question :) This is something that Jenn and I have talked about since before I was even pregnant. We'd chat about it briefly, then forget about it for weeks or even months. We talked about using the standard Mom, Mommy, Momma etc. We thought about using "mom" in another language. We thought about creating our own names. The list goes on...

Apparently, we were ready to make a decision on Tuesday night. When Katie asked her question, I said that I think I'd like to be called 'Mommy,' at least while they were younger. Jenn decided on 'Mom.' That was that - we made our decision. Thank you, Katie, for helping us finally answer a question that has been out there for over a year!

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  1. I am haitian and for us, there is actually two ways to call our moms: 'manman' and 'manmie', regardless of the age of the children. 'manmie' stays 'manmie' even when you are an adult and it is normal for us!