Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Months Old!

Our little girls are officially leaving the "fourth trimester" as Harvey Karp (The Happiest Baby on the Block) calls it! It's pretty amazing to think that at just 3 months ago, our two little girls came into the world and forever changed our lives (and the lives of many others!).

A few 3 month milestones/things we've learned...
  • When you have twins, schedule is key! The girls wake at 7am every day and eat every 3 hours until their 7pm bedtime feed. They have a 10pm dream feed. We do not divert from this schedule unless it's absolutely necessary. Some people don't get it, but honestly, I don't care. The girls know their schedule now and thrive on it.
  • Teagan is sleeping through the night! She has officially been sleeping from 7pm-7am for one week now (including her 10pm dream feed).
  • Both girls are smiling and giggling like crazy. They know who their moms are now. We can get smiles out of them when others sometimes can't. 
  • The girls are getting stronger by the day. Teagan can lift her head off her boppy on her own, loves to sit up and bounce in their new toy, the jumperoo. Quinn loves to do "airplane". She can extend her legs and hold her head up very well. She loves to stand as well.
  • Quinn has rolled over! Last Friday, she rolled from her front to her back several times!
  • Parenting really is one of the hardest things I'll ever done (and I've barely even scratched the surface!). 

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