Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh, how things change...

It's amazing how fast things change when you have babies.

If you met our babies at 3 weeks old, they were going to bed at 9:30pm, but it would sometimes take 30+ minutes of rocking to actually get them to sleep. If you meet them now at 12 weeks, they're usually fast asleep by 7:30pm.

At 3 weeks old, Teagan took 45 minutes or more to breastfeed and Quinn would scream at the sight of a boob. Now at 12 weeks, they both latch on easily and eat in 10-20 minutes.

If you met them at 3 weeks, they were like little (cute) blobs who ate, pooped, burped, cried and slept. At 12 weeks, they are smiling, cooing, giggling, watching TV(!), looking around and noticing things (as well as the things listed above).

If you met them at 3 weeks, you could lay them on the couch because they wouldn't move. At 12 weeks, Teagan will slide herself down the boppy, lift up her head and almost push herself entirely off the cushion. Quinn will try to stand at every chance she gets.

If you met them at 3 weeks and saw me, you'd remember that I'd cry at the thought of Jenn going back to work because I had no clue how I'd handle two babies on my own. Now at 12 weeks, I feel like I've got it down (but don't get me wrong, I LOVE having help!)

If you met them at 3 weeks, they were getting up at 12am, 3am and 6am to eat. Now at 12 weeks, Teagan has slept through the night for the last 3 nights and Quinn sleeps until 4:30-5am.

There are definitely so many more ways that things have changed, but that's a good start. It amazes me every day to think about how far we've come in almost 3 months. It amazes me even more to think about 3, 6, 9 months down the road. While I'm excited for what the future has in store for our little girls, I'm enjoying the time that I have now because they're only going to be 3 months old once!


  1. The changes happen so quickly, I think you're doing a great thing here by stopping to take note of them.

  2. Aw thanks Allison. I love writing about it. I think it will be great to look back on in the years to come :)