Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Infamous Bumbo

You may or may not recall my post in April about the TPOMBA (Toronto Parents of Multiple Births Association) bi-annual sale. After finding out that these little seats were great, Jenn managed to power through the crowds to score a Bumbo chair for the babies.

The girls might be a little young for the Bumbo, but I figured I'd give it a whirl anyways. Teagan seemed happy in it. Quinn did not and got pretty pissed off at me within seconds.

Teagan lounges while watching TV!

Seconds before she got mad at me for putting
her in the chair

My Dad and Teagan watch the news

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  1. Go Bumbo! Oliver didn't like his at first either. Now that he's better at sitting up, he's a lot more into it. I love putting him in it and sitting on the balcony in the mornings.