Thursday, December 29, 2011

7 Months Old!

Happy 7 Months girls! This month's picture was tough to capture because neither of the girls wanted to sit still. This is pretty typical of their day to day life now!

  • The girls just had a great first Christmas with both sets of grandparents, their uncles and tons of great aunts and uncles and their great-grandmother. They received plenty of toys and clothes, as well as gift certificates and money towards their new (and very expensive!) car seats. 
  • They have tried several real foods and love them! Teagan's favourites have been apples and broccoli. Quinn loves everything but I would guess that her favourites have been butternut squash and apples as well. They always want to feed themselves, which is why I try to do finger foods whenever possible. 
  • Both girls have started holding her bedtime bottle. I hold it in front of Teagan and she reaches to grab it!
  • They are both rolling like crazy. The Christmas tree has been especially entertaining for them. Quinny rolled herself under the tree and spent ages staring at it! They love rolling on the hardwood floor because they can move much faster. 
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, the girls are teething. Their sleep has been disrupted which means that Mom and Mommy aren't sleeping very well also. 
  • They are so close to being able to sit up on their own. While they can sit for up to a minute sometimes, we're still reluctant to not have a Boppy around them. 
  • They love their brothers, Riley and Finn. The dogs will usually get huge smiles out of them just from walking by. Thankfully, they are extremely good-natured dogs because T&Q have taken to grabbing and pulling their hair, ears and whiskers. 
  • Teagan has turned into a toy thief! If Quinn has anything in her hands, Teagan will roll or shimmy herself over and grab it. 
  • In early December, they graduated from their Starfish swimming class. They both love kicking around in the water and even dunked their heads a few times.
  • They are both great at playing independently. At least once per day, I will put them on their mat and sit nearby but not entertain or talk to them. They will happily play with a toy, the tag of a toy, their hands or whatever else is in reach.
  • They both love to pull their socks off and put them in their mouths. They have also, on occasion, put their feet in their mouths.