Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Product Review: JJ Cole Bundleme

We recently pulled out the scrapbook that my Mom made when I was a baby. There is this awesome picture of a 6-ish month old me in an enormous snowsuit. I look like a miniature Michelin man.

My twins hate to be confined and therefore often fuss when they're put in their car seats. I cannot imagine if I had to bundle them up in snowsuits prior to putting them into their seats. Not only would this take a lot of extra time, it would also drive them crazy! Fortunately, I discovered the JJ Cole Bundleme. These sleeping bag-like sacks are a great snowsuit replacement. They easily attach to car seats and strollers and come in a baby (0-12mo) or toddler (1-3 yrs) size. There are a few different options depending on the warmth level that you're looking for. I opted for the Urban Bundleme (see below). It has a nylon outer layer that protects against wind and rain. The inner layer in the Urban bundleme is a Thermaplush™ material. 

Packing up twins to get out the door is quite the undertaking, but not having to put another layer on them definitely speeds things up. The bundleme is super warm so the girls are cozy and comfortable in their everyday clothes and a hat.

A big fear of most new parents is overheating, so one of the features that sold me on the bundlemes are the zippers on either side for temperature control. This allows me to quickly unzip the top layer when we go into stores or in the car.

There have been some safety concerns regarding the Bundleme. I was comfortable reading JJ Cole's explanation:

"In line with JJ Cole's commitment to child safety, the Bundle Me has been tested to FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 213 requirements. All tests passed on the child restraint system, indicating that the Bundle Me product appeared to have little to no effect on the performance of the child restraint system."

The bundleme is a great option for keeping your baby warm and comfortable through the cooler months by eliminating the need for jackets and blankets.

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  1. Hi! Nice review. I have been hearing stuffs about the JJ Cool Bundle Me and would like to try them on my baby boy. Drew is only two months old but he doesn't want to be all bundled up. I worry about the cold getting to him so this product is definitely worth trying. Thanks for publishing your review.

  2. Bundle Mes are great, especially because car seats aren't considered safe with a heavy jacket on your kid. Tests have shown that the fluffiness of the jacket prevents the restraint system from being properly tightened.

  3. @Kelly @Grace - Thanks so much for your comments. I agree that heavy jackets aren't ideal in the car seat. Bundlemes are a great option for keeping babies toasty warm when outside and comfortable when inside.

  4. These really are fantastic baby products. Particularly when your baby is super little in the dead of winter.

    -Sassy Babies.