Thursday, December 15, 2011

But, who's 'Dada'?

The girls have become chatty Cathys in the last month or two. It started out random babble. This is pretty typical. Around the 4-5 month mark, babies start experimenting with their mouths, tongues and lips. They like the way things sound or feel so they do it over and over. Teagan started blowing raspberries.

In the last few weeks though, both girls have started saying, "dadadadadada." It's pretty amusing since there is no Dada in this house. Upon further reading, I discovered that that is the first "word" that most babies (ie. 99%) say. In homes with a Mom and a Dad, Mom usually gets quite upset over this since she is the primary caregiver. I read about one Mom who preemptively named the bottle "mama" and said it at every single feed. Since her daughter was hearing 'mama' over 5x per day and it was tied to food, she started saying 'mama' before anything else. Clever.

Anyways, it's quite entertaining now that the girls are so vocal. They will 'chat' away to us while grabbing at our face, hair, necklace etc. I think we're in for an exciting few months!

What was your baby's first sound/word?


  1. Our older two both said "dada" a lot in the beginning and we found it quite funny, as we also have no Dada at our house. They then moved on to calling us both Mama, and then eventually differentiated to Mama and Mommy. It's so fun to watch them learn to speak. Hooray for first words!

  2. The Bean's first word was "Mmm" (said when eating) followed shortly by "Yum" "Mum" and "Mama". He still rarely says dada.