Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mommy Brain With A Twin Twist

The other morning I experienced "Mommy Brain" at its best. I was meeting a friend and her almost 6-month old at a swanky, upscale outdoor mall to do a bit of Christmas shopping. It was nearing the girls nap time so I was rushing to get out the door so that they would nap in the car. By 9:15, I was in the car with two sleeping babies. Success! Not for long...

I arrived at the mall, unloaded the brood and found a nice cafe. The cafe was packed, but there was one 4-person table right by the door. I got a lot of stares walking in, partly because of the twin factor and partly because babies were entering their quiet cafe. It was full of well-dressed "ladies who lunch" and men in expensive suits. Even the retired folk were dressed well and looked like they had a purpose. My friend and I were planning on feeding our babies at 10 while we had coffee. Since I have a breastfeeding cover, I don't care where I feed the girls. I got myself set up at the table shortly before 10 and was about to order something when I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. No worries, I'll wait for my friend and borrow a few bucks. I'll start feeding the girls, I thought, and she'll be here soon enough. Reaching into the diaper bag, I realize that I've hit strike nursing cover. She texts me moments later. Her baby was having a marathon nap so she'd be late. Realizing that I couldn't take up a table in a packed cafe without buying something and not wanting to be the front door entertainment by feeding the girls with no cover, I got up as quickly as I had sat down. I can't do anything quietly with my double stroller, so all eyes were on me, wondering what I was doing. 

Since it was after 10 by this point, my scheduled babies started getting bit fussy. With no money at a mall that was not the most baby-friendly, my only option was the car. I placed Teagan on the front passenger seat in her car seat facing me, while I fed Quinn. Quinn was far crankier and wouldn't have lasted for another 10-15 minutes. While feeding Q, I entertained T with smiles, songs and random babble. After both girls were fed, I packed the girls up and headed home to grab my wallet and nursing cover. 

When we finally returned to the mall, my friend had arrived and had grabbed us a seat in the cafe. I went up to the counter to order my much-needed coffee and proceeded to try and pay with 10 cents of Canadian Tire money (store "money" or coupons issued by a Canadian chain - kind of like a combo of Home Depot and Target/Walmart...sort of).

It's never a dull moment as a mom of twins!

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