Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holy Teething, Batman!

Teething has hit our house with a vengeance. Our previously amazing sleepers have become nightmares at night! It seems as though they're too busy during the day to notice any teething pain. While we're not 100% sure it's teething, they have all of the signs and are at the right age. Many parents joke that teething gets blamed for the majority of a baby's fussiness or sleeping troubles during the first 3 years. 

Teagan used to go down at 7:30, soothe herself to sleep and sleep straight through until 7am. She was a dream. For about 10 days now, she has had a few brutal nights. While she'll go down fairly easily, there have been a few times where she'll wake a few hours later crying in a way that we've never heard.  Last week, Jenn had to go and pick up infant Tylenol because even nursing wouldn't soothe her. The strange thing is that she will have a brutal night and then she'll have a night where she's back to her normal self sleeping 12 hours straight. Fortunately, she has slept for her usual 12 hours for the last 3 nights.

A few months ago, I reviewed Boiron's Cory.zalia. It's a children's homeopathic remedy for colds. Boiron also makes a remedy for teething, called Camilia. I have been giving this to the girls regularly before bed. Not only does it help ease the pain of teething, it also relaxes them. Apart from a couple of times, Camilia has worked wonders. We've also tried freezing wet wash cloths to let them suck on it. While this is a very temporary solution, Teagan, especially, seems to really like this.

We have yet to see a tooth from all of this. Hopefully one will pop through soon and they'll be back to their normal selves! 


  1. Orajel makes a "naturals" formula now. It really seems to help The Bean when he's cutting his teeth.

  2. When the girls are old enough, Advil does a much better job than Tylenol for the worst stuff. It really tackles swelling and lasts longer too. I feel your pain!

  3. @Allison - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely look into it!

    @Kelly - I've heard from a few people that Advil is actually better. Do you know when it can be given to babies? I should pick some up because it's definitely a good thing to have in the house.

  4. Look for a more natural alternative. It's about maintaining your baby's dental health.

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  5. Thanks for the comment. As I mentioned in my post, giving Tylenol is a last resort. You will see from all of the health related posts on my blog, that I always turn to natural treatments first when it comes to myself and my babies. Feel free to read one of my recent posts called "Fever Phobia."