Monday, January 9, 2012

Slobbery Kisses

I've been getting weekly updates from Baby Centre since I was pregnant. It's a quick, fun little email that gives me an idea about what the girls might be doing at their age. This week's update made my day.

Your baby is learning to recognize emotions and moods, and finding new ways to demonstrate those feelings. One wonderful example: You might start getting kisses. They may be drooly and gummy at first, but they'll be just as sweet! When your baby's bored, you may hear a fretful squawk or an attention-getting squeal. 

The girls have been giving us wet, slobbery kisses for a few weeks now, although we didn't really think that that was what it was. They put everything in their mouths so I honestly thought that included my cheek or chin. It is the cutest thing. They will give us a big hug and then plant a big kiss on our cheeks! It means even more now that I know that they might just know what they're doing!


  1. Thanks for posting - I too thought it was just Hannah's quest to put part of my face in her mouth!

    - Kate

  2. I love your news update - it really made me smile. Being kissed by your own innocent children is the sweetest and cutest thing a mother can enjoy. It reminded me of my seven-year old daughter when she was also little and how she would plant a wet kiss on my cheek especially after drinking cool aid! Really sweet... and sticky! Love Grace