Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Skaters

I will never forget the day that we found out that we were expecting not one, but two little blueberries (their size at our 7-week ultrasound). As we walked to our car in shock, the first call I made was to my Mom. Mom, it turns out that you're going to have to buy TWO pairs of skates! And, that's how she found out that she was having twin grandchildren.

38 weeks plus 17 months later, our two little girls skated for the first time! My Dad discovered Baby Skates a few months ago. If you skated as a toddler or know someone who did, Bob Skates (double blade, attaches to shoes) were most likely worn (and hated!). We didn't want the girls wearing those, but couldn't find a regular figure or hockey skate small enough for them. While they've only used the Baby Skates once, they seem pretty great. They provide the support of an actual skate boot and the balance of the double blades.

Teagan flipped out when we tried to put on her helmet. Once that was on and she hit the ice, she was in love! She instinctively started walking and proved to be a natural. She did not want to come off so my Mom and I kept taking turns. Every time we tried to take her off the ice, she would frantically sign 'more'. By the end of the session, my Mom didn't even need to hold her up. She was holding on by two fingers.

Skating conflicted with nap time so the girls' nap was cut short. Quinn needs her beauty sleep so she wasn't herself. She was clearly cranky and tired and had no interest in learning something new. We'll try again on another day!

Teagan definitely surprised us all by loving it as much as she did. I think I'm excited as she is to get back out there!

She refused to put on her helmet at
first, so we watched her sister.
Surprisingly, Quinn wasn't into it this time. We think it is
because she only had a very short nap.
You'll love it next time, Q!
 I don't think the smile ever left her face!
Happy as can be!
She didn't want to come off! She kept
signing 'more' to my Mom!


  1. How awesome.
    Now tell me, because rather than try to find it....why is ice-skating so important ? Your mom is a skater, coach, you are a skater ?

    Love the smiles.

    1. My Mom was a professional figure skater and still coaches. My Dad played hockey as a child and then coached. My brothers and I were all born with skates on! I figure skated and then became a hockey player and played through university.

  2. Very cute!
    I'm sure Q will come around!