Monday, November 26, 2012

Petites Artistes!

Mes petites artistes!

We got the girls a little table and chairs recently. My intention was that we could start doing some arts and crafts. I started out with some basics; paper and crayons. As with most 17-month olds (I think), it took only minutes before the paper was being ripped off the table and the wall was receiving some crayon love!

Any arts and crafts recommendations for 2 almost 18-month olds?


  1. Love the new table. I don't know if I'd try to do anything that is too structured. Maybe more of a sensory/painting thing. Use shaving cream. Finger paints. Food. Anything that they can splat and smear. :) and take lots of pictures.
    Very cute !

    1. I don't think my duo would sit through 2 minutes of a structured activity ;) I'm thinking that splatting and smearing activities should be confined to their high chairs. Teagan has proven to be quite destructive so I couldn't imagine destructive T with paint on her hands!

  2. Check pinterest, I think there is a recipe for homemade/edible finger paint. I believe it was pudding based :) I need to find some ideas too. Turkey handprints with paint didn't go over over well & while my boys were strapped in to their booster seats & couldn't get to any walls, they did try to eat their crayons :-/

  3. At your girls age, our son really got into the Aquadoodle - it's a mat that changes color when you get it wet. Basically, mess free painting. He couldn't handle the water marker that came with it but he loved finger 'painting' and shortly after, sponge and brush 'painting' too. At two, we now attach it to the easel and let him go to town. No mess, no fuss and it dries pretty quickly for fresh fun!


  4. The Bean likes sticking stickers onto paper. (And removing them.) Pretty low-risk in terms of mess. :)