Monday, April 29, 2013

23 Months!

Where o where is the time going? I cannot believe that we are a month away from 2!

Showing off their Elmo shirts! 

  • Vocabulary-wise, both girls have really taken off. They understand hundreds of words and seem to learn how to say new words daily. They have also started putting two words together. Q never stops talking. While driving, she constantly calls my name and then repeats every single word that she knows. During the day, she asks me several times about Mama, 'Gampa' and 'Atty's' whereabouts. They imitate everything -- Q promptly repeated a mild swear word that I said the other day. And, so begins my swear jar. Their frustration over not being able to verbalize some of their wants and feelings is still high. It usually results in a lot of yelling (at Mommy), biting and hair pulling. 
  • Re: biting and hair pulling. Both of the girls have arms that are covered in little bruises from constant biting. The bite is usually the result of a toy being stolen. Teagan resorts to hair pulling most of the time, although she has been significantly better about it in the last few weeks. While Teagan is by no means innocent, I have noticed that Quinn knows exactly how to push T's buttons. 
  • Teagan has started throwing some pretty epic tantrums. Quinn went through it a few months ago. Sometimes I can't even figure out why T is upset. There is only one pair of shoes that she will currently wear. If I even suggest that she wears a different pair, all hell breaks lose. She throws some pretty fantastic tantrums when we need to leave the park as well. I've tried the "we need to leave in 5 minutes" and "after this [insert activity] we need to leave", but it doesn't make a difference. This too shall pass ;)
  • Teagan has proven to be quite the dog whisperer. On many walks through the trails or in the dog parks, dog owners have been shocked that their dogs who are normally scared of babies or strollers are happily licking Teagan's face and waging their tails. On one walk last week, Teagan extended her arms and was quickly surrounded by four massive 80lbs+ dogs who gentled nuzzled her face, giving her little kisses.
  • Whenever I bring them their bowl or plate of food, they will ask me, "hot?" and "nice?" Nice = good temperature to eat immediately. If I've told them that it is hot, they will blow on it, to cool it off. 
  • Quinn is the 'elephant who never forgets'. I will tell her something once and she remembers days later. After having a "picnic" on the floor weeks ago, Quinn has said, "down?" (literally meaning, 'are we going to sit right here in the exact same spot?'), almost daily when I say that I'm about to prepare a meal or snack. 
  • Teagan's love of music and movement is awesome. She always notices music playing, even in the busiest and noisiest places. She will bop her head or tap the table to the beat. She loves to dance as well and comes up with the most adorable moves. 
  • Teagan has become the most incredible eater. She regularly eats 2-3 helpings of a meal, especially if soup is on the menu. Quinn has become slightly more picky, depending on what is being served. They had their first ice cream yesterday from Toronto #1 rated ice cream shop. Interestingly, Teagan tried a bite or two and was done. Lucky Quinn -- she sat there happily eating the rest of it! I still continue to feed them a 95% wheat, dairy and refined sugar-free diet, but allow for treats and delicious cheese occasionally. 
  • The girls are still breastfeeding three times per day (morning, before nap and before bed). They can go without it if I am not around (which I love). In the last little while, they've gone to bed several times without it when Jenn and I were out. I would really love to stop nursing before nap, but it is proving more difficult than I thought. They are extremely attached to it and it is a nice way to settle them after a busy morning. 
A few photos from the last month:

Classic Q 


  1. They are SO cute! I can't wait to see them again soon.

    Quinny and The Bean are similar with their memories. It's crazy. He remembers everything people tell him but is also really good at recognizing faces and places... if we drive a certain way in the car he'll ask if we're going to X, if X happens to be in the same direction.

    Have you considered giving brief time-outs for misbehaviour? It's pretty effective with The Bean.

    1. I have been doing time-outs since last summer (very brief to start). Sometimes the treat of a timeout works but I don't find that the timeout itself is as effective anymore. Perhaps I need to change my tactic ;)

  2. What smart little people you have there.
    I can't believe they are going to be 2. TWO !
    Cute cute babies.