Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The newest family member

Fear not, we aren't adding a 3 to our blog title just yet...

Meet T, Q, R & F's Aunt Carlee!

Carlee, my parents' new addition.
TT, the dog whisperer, gives her aunt a hug.
Riley and Carlee
Teagan adored her.
Finn and Carlee bonded immediately.
T gives the crate life a whirl


  1. She's SWEET ! Love how she bonded with Finn. Very cute !

  2. Sooooooooooo cute!!! I love T the dog whisperer :)

    We are seriously considering a canine sibling to add to our family after the newborn stage passes. Our Finn LOVES other dogs and I feel like we are depriving him of the pack experience. Crazy how we care so much for our 4 legged children, haha. At this point it is a toss up between another lab, a Wheaten, and a Newfoundland. I adore Newfs, but your boys have made a hard case for a Wheaten.

  3. Awe, Carlee is a ball of fluffy adorable-ness! These doggies of yours seem to be such a great breed for families with kiddos. I'm sure your parents are in love!