Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 Years Old!

How is it possible that my babies are two?! Happy Birthday to my amazing little girls! We celebrated this past weekend with a second birthday party. For the last few weeks, the girls will reply "TWO!" when asked how old they're going to be on their birthday. I would then ask them what type of party they wanted to have. Their response, "wine and cheese!" Every two year old's dream :) I've decided that this will be my last monthly update for the girls but I plan to do them periodically.

Picture on the left was taken hours after their birth on May 29, 2011. The picture on the right was taken about a week before their second birthday.

  • One of the biggest updates from the last month happened the other day. Quinn peed in her potty for the first time. We didn't even realize at first. She sat there for a while, got up and lay in the spot where we usually put their diapers on. Jenn noticed that Q's leg was a bit wet and sure enough, she peed for the first time! We praised her like crazy. She seemed confused at first but then ate it up. We've decided that lots of praise will be their "reward" for going. No treats or bribery. 
  • Teagan continues to pull Quinn's hair quite badly. She will often do it for no reason at all. I have noticed that she does it more when she's tired or didn't get a good night's sleep. She ended up spending 3 hours in timeout (which included eating lunch and a brief nap) yesterday for refusing to say sorry. My twin parenting guru assured me that at this age they will remember, even after a nap. (More on the timeouts in another post) Both girls are unbelievably stubborn. Lucky for me, I'm more stubborn!
  • The girls are very into imitating us right now. Hilarious most of the time. Quinn constantly watches what I do (and listens to what I say). She now insists on bringing her keys everywhere and will try to hook them onto her pants' pocket after seeing me do it one day. They try to say the words and phrases that we say all the time, which is hilarious, most of the time. 
  • About 5 months ago, I was slightly concerned that Teagan wasn't saying as many words as Quinn. I decided to put her on the wait list for the Toronto Preschool Speech Therapists. I received a call about a month ago with an appointment for her. By that point, I really wasn't concerned anymore but decided to take her anyways. It was confirmed that she has more than enough words for a 2-year old. The only minor concern is that she doesn't articulate very well. I don't feel all the concerned and know that it will come. They both put two words together consistently and Quinn frequently puts 3-4 words together now. 
  • After 5 months of gymnastics training, they've both finally started jumping! It is quite adorable. The new bedtime routine now includes jumping on the bed for a few minutes. Quinn does somersaults on her own easily and Teagan is almost there. 
  • They have a recent obsession with trains. I'm not too sure where it came from but as of a few weeks ago, everything is about the "choo-choos". I found this 3-minute video called "Alphabet Train." It is quite catchy and they go nuts dancing to it. 
  • We had our first injury doctor's visit the other day. While running, Quinn went mouth first into the edge of the coffee table. It bled, but no more so than other times she has fallen. She had a brief nap but woke up crying with a fat lip. She is pretty tough and doesn't usually cry for long when injured. My concern was that the bleeding looked like it was coming from her gums and I worried that she had smashed her teeth. Fortunately, she "just" has a deep gash in her lip.
The closest family photo we could get at their birthday party.
Happy Teagan at her 2nd birthday party. 
Quinn has a guitar lesson post-party. 
Enjoying their last weekend in Muskoka

Startin' young. The kid loves music.
Loving the bubble guns at their party.
Elmo cakes for two awesome two-year olds!
Miss Q!


  1. Choo choo choo is all I hear all day long!!! Caden is so obsessed it is ridiculous! Thomas the train is his obsession, they got a video for their 2nd birthday & I'm about ready for the disc to get scratched or broken already, lol...
    I try to stick with signing, preschool or baby Einstein videos but the growing requests for "choo choo choo" & Barney & the associated whining have me plugging them in more often :-/

    Congrats on a little potty success!!! I'm still deliberating on a start date & reconsidering trying out the 3 day method.

    Happy Birthday to the girls & Congrats on surviving another year! :)

  2. Happy Birthday ! 2 is such a fun age.

    Last monthly update ? What's that about ?

  3. Can't wait to see them and wish them both a happy second birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday girls!!!! I triple love the pic of T with the stroller! How cute is that?!?!?!