Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cloud Dough

When I look at all of the crazy cool and crazy insane things that some moms do with their kids on Pint.erest, I usually feel like crap! Today I saw something super quick and simple that I knew the girls would love.

When our playdate plans got canceled at the last minute, I decided to give this sensory activity a whirl. The girls and I headed to the dollar store to pick up two very large, shallow bowls and some beach toys. We then grabbed a 10kg bag of white flour and some baby oil. Et voila! Cloud Dough!

- White flour (8 cups)
- Baby Oil (1 cup)

Note: I discovered minutes ago that you can use olive oil instead of baby oil if your child still puts things in their mouth.

1. With my hands, I mixed 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup of baby oil for about 3 minutes. [Double or triple depending on the size of your bowl/container]
2. Add toys and enjoy!

This stuff is so silky and smooth. It can also be moulded into various shapes. It was no surprise that Teagan was mesmerized by it. She happily sat there pouring cloud dough from one cup to the other and scooping it with her shovel. Quinn had fun with it for a little while before trying to throw it everywhere. She required supervision and entertaining.

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It looked this neat for about 10 seconds!


  1. Great idea to have their own personal bowls!!! I might have to give this a try with the boys :)

    1. Quinn doesn't always share well so I thought separate bowls were the way to go. She STILL tried to steal stuff from her sister!

  2. You make cookies out of squeezed nut oil turned into milk.

    That said. rock on. and that blond swirl on the top of her head. :)

    1. Funny enough, I was going to say that the overachiever in me has this slight guilt over not doing more crafts with them. I avoided saying it because I imagined your response!!

  3. LOL. We did this with The Bean just last week. We did it in the highchair though. COMPLETE MESS. Bowls on the floor (or better yet, balcony) are definitely the way to go!