Friday, May 10, 2013

Ry-wee, Puppy and Cah-lee

The first and third are pretty self-explanatory. The girls cannot say Finn, for some reason. F's seem difficult for both of them. Instead, they have taken to calling him Puppy.

Finn and Carlee have definitely bonded.

Where's Riley?

Team Wheaten waits patiently after their romp through the park.

The warm weather has finally returned. The boys introduce Carlee to their happy place, the dog beach!

Riley supervises Carlee's first swim

She tries so hard to keep up with the boys.


  1. So cute - almost makes me want a dog.

  2. They are taking such good care of their little sister. Very cute !

  3. Love those dogs!!!

    Little Monster had a problem with saying Finn in the beginning (he was around 22 months and with a speech delay) and for the longest time he was just "Inn" without the F. Now he is Finn-eee and if you ask Little Monster what the dog's full name is, he will say, "Finn-eeee Sit Good Boy" :)

  4. Our boys can say Haddie but not Eason, so he is just Dog :)