Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Leisurely Saturday

Wait, what? Oh yes, Jenn and I had a quiet, leisurely Saturday morning this past weekend! Our relaxing morning was courtesy my brother, Rob, and his girlfriend, Kelly. He had emailed me early last week offering to take the dynamic duo to the zoo on Saturday morning. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that my brother has been our go-to babysitter from day one. There aren't too many 20-something year old guys who would be willing to take on two infants, including bottle-feeding, diapers and bedtime, and do it with such ease! We trust him implicitly and their adoration of him is clear! Kelly has such a calm and friendly way with the girls, so it is no surprise that they have taken to her easily. It was awesome of her to take on our little hooligans, who can be a handful at times.

And so, off the girls went on Saturday, without even looking back. From the pictures, you can see that they had an awesome time.

With our morning off, Jenn and I went for brunch and did some shopping for the new house. (Yes, we sold our house!) It is just amazing how a few hours off can make you feel recharged. So, a big thanks (again) goes to Rob and Kelly!

Apparently the baboons were a big hit!

T feels strongly about protecting the animals that she loves
so much!

...apparently so does Q. 


  1. What a sweet (and good looking) brother! Glad you enjoyed your free morning!

  2. Lucky girls and lucky mommies!!

  3. I hope you are moving closer to your brother and Kelly !
    You should be taking advantage of them at least twice a month ;-)
    Love the pics. What a great guy.

    1. We actually are going to be closer to them! I like your idea ;)