Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Wife!

Teagan gets quite jealous when I hug someone else or hold another child (apart from her sister). She will usually try to weasel her way into the love :)

Jenn and I grabbed a hug the other day while the girls were eating their lunch. Our hug was interrupted by loud screaming, followed by, "MY MOMMY!!!" Teagan attempted to lay down the law with Jenn.

"My wife!!" Jenn replied.

"No Mama, MY WIFE!" Teagan responded back.

"No TT, MY wife!" Jenn said firmly.

"MY WIFE!" Teagan tried again. It was a lost cause and was funny by this point.

Ten minutes later, when lunch was finished, I walked over to Teagan to wipe her face with a wash cloth. When I finished cleaning her up, she grabbed my arm, gave me a kiss and said, "my wife" with a huge smile on her face. Well played small fry.