Friday, June 29, 2012

13 Months Old!

"The days go slowly but the years fly by." Many versions of this quotation have been said to me in the last 13 months. I get it. The difference though is that my days also fly by with these two.

  • The biggest happening in the last month is Quinn officially taking off as a walker. I took a video on Monday and even since then, her walking has drastically improved. She's practically running now. Teagan is close. I just know it. She can stand easily without using something to push herself up. It's just a matter of her gaining the confidence to take that first step. Soon enough :)
  • There is definitely a bit of "twin talk" developing between these two. The other day I caught them standing face to face in their cribs chatting away. 
  • Teething is a constant in this household. Quinn has 6 teeth now. Teagan still has 4, but it looks like 2 more top teeth are on their way. 
  • Quinn is a bully. She is the most determined and strong-willed 13 month old I've ever seen. She will push and stove any kid, big or small, in order to get the toy that he/she has. She is constantly pushing her sister around. She's lucky that her sister is so easy going, most of the time! 
  • Teagan is the queen of independent play. She will entertain herself in the corner for 30 minutes with something as simple as a block. She also adores books and will happily sit in her reading chair flipping through a book. She definitely beats to her own drum. 
  • They continue to be fantastic eaters. I won't say much about food because I'm working on a post (coming soon!). Teagan adores tofu, but also loved my homemade beef meatballs. Jenn is happy that her daughter isn't too "crunchy." I took offense because I love tofu and am somewhat crunchy myself! They have huge appetites. I don't know where they put it all. 
Happy 13 months my girls!

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