Monday, June 25, 2012

From 1-100 in a day

On Saturday, we attended both a first birthday party and a 100th birthday party! How often in your life can you say that?!

The day started out at T & Q's friend H's first birthday. Ever since we got the girls their armchair, they've become obsessed with sitting in chairs. They quickly found the Muskoka chairs (to all of us Toronto folk, but Adirondack chairs to you Americans) and got comfy. Our friends have the most perfect backyard for a birthday party with 15 or so babies/toddlers. The girls had a blast and even got off their chairs for long enough to socialize!

We then came home for some very quick naps and headed off to my grandmother's 100th birthday party! 

The birthday girl on her 100th birthday
My parents, Jenn and I and T & Q with Nana
My brother, Michael with Quinn and Nana
My Dad and Teagan, out for a walk

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  1. Those chairs are on sale at Toys R Us right now, I believe :) So glad you guys could make it to the party. Circle of Life, indeed!

    - Kate