Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Toddler

I've been getting updates from Baby Centre since the pregnancy days. I started by getting a weekly update on what "my fetus" looked like or how he/she was developing. It then turned into updates about "my baby." This week, though, I received yet another new update..."my toddler."

My toddler. We talked about it. We knew it was coming. It still sounds so...old. I cannot believe that I have two toddlers. They don't look like toddlers. They don't look any different than they did last Monday when they were 11 months and 29 days old. I still see them as my little babies. 

There is something so innocent and sweet about the word baby. When I think of a toddler, I think of a pint-sized little human running through the grocery store begging his mom for candy. When she refuses, he promptly begins screaming and crying, which then turns into a full-blown tantrum in the aisle of the store. Ok, this is extreme, I know. Sadly, I can picture my toddler, Quinn, doing just this eventually!

It has been incredible to see these actual people evolve from the little blobs that they were at this time last year. The first year is all about physical development, but I can already see how this next year is going to be focused on the cognitive side. Yes, walking will probably be our next big milestone, but the personality development is truly fascinating. This is when having twins is pretty cool -- nature vs. nurture. These two couldn't be more different. 

Despite the label of toddler at the 1-year mark, I still see my little girls as babies. Maybe it's because they're not walking yet, I'm not sure. Or maybe, I'm just not ready to let go of "my baby."


  1. 2 and half years later, HE is still my baby...but just so you know, the toddler stage is AWESOME :)

  2. I still call my boys babies too, maybe it is the lack of walking but I can't think of them as toddlers without them toddling :o)

  3. We alternate between calling The Bean a toddler and a baby, but the truth is he will always be our baby.

  4. I'm starting to see toddlers in our girls - they're still very much babies, but Quinn is eating out of snack cups, and Avery has enough hair for pig tails. It is nuts!

  5. 'Blobs' - I love it! We always say 'lumps' for that newborn stage. We are probably still babies in our own parents eyes :)

    - Kate