Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For the Love of Cake!

We spent this past weekend down in Connecticut visiting Jenn's family. Yes, this meant another flight with the dynamic duo. Flying with twins is becoming increasingly more difficult. These two never...stop...moving. We flew home on an 8pm flight. The girls normally go to bed at 7pm, so we assumed a quiet flight with two sleepy babies. No dice. I think I walked the aisles with Quinn 20 times. Thankfully, we each had two seats to ourselves so the girls could look out the window. They both finally crashed when we were getting close to landing (almost 10pm!).

We had a lovely weekend in Connecticut. Jenn's family threw the girls and Jenn a birthday party (the 3 May girls!). T&Q made some new friends. Jenn's sister Katie's boyfriend, Pete, (say that 5x fast) has two young kids, T & B. The girls loved watching the older kids and these two were fantastic with the babies. Chrissie even got the girls gluten-free and dairy-free cake :) As you can see from the pictures, the cakes were very much enjoyed!

Our friends, Amy and Liz, came from Boston for the party. Amy took the fantastic pictures below.

A clean face and outfit...not for long!
Diving into the cake for the first time!
Sooo good!
This kid can't shove cake in fast enough!
Thinking about the delicious flavours
Examining cake on her plate


  1. So glad the flights went well. I mean. They didn't kick you off :)
    Great pictures.

  2. What beautiful photos! T looks like she's wearing pretty pink lipstick in the first one :)

    - Kate