Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Finn!

Happy 2nd birthday to our youngest boy! It seems like just yesterday that we were driving through Amish country in Ohio to pick you up!

We love you Finn! You are the most amazing big brother.


  1. Okay, how funny is it that almost a year ago (next month) we were driving through amish country in Ohio to pick up our dog (chocolate lab) also named Finn?!?!?! Hilarious! Happy Birthday to that good looking boy!

    1. No way?! That's such a funny coincidence. Finn was in a puppy training class not long after we got him with a chocolate lab named Finn as well!

    2. Yup! We adopted our Finn from a rescue group located in Ohio and spent the better part of a whole day driving through amish country to get him and bring him to his forever home. The whole way there we went back and forth between the names Finnegan and Tucker and finally settled on Finn when we saw him because he has a beautiful auburn tint to his coat and we thought he looked like an "Irish" chocolate lab :)