Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's no stopping her now!

My brother reminded me last night that I still haven't taken a video of Quinn walking, so I caught one this morning. The shorts that she has in her hands were on her head just a minute before taking it...if only!


  1. I speak from experience here: Batten down the hatches, bolt everything to the floor, or put it at least 4 feet off the ground if you do not want it toddler-fied. Little Monster was walking like that in late December after his 1st birthday and we thought "oh how cute he is toddling" and by February he was running, climbing, and into EVERY.THING!!!! Now that the PSA is over: "Go Quinn, GO!!!" :)

    1. You're so right - we are in the "aww isn't she cute?!" stage! Thanks for the tips :)

  2. Awesome! This part is so much fun. K2 never toddled - he just took off running a couple of weeks before his birthday and was climbing up to sit with us on the grown up furniture a couple of weeks later. Everyone warned us of the chaos it would bring, but really, it just made him so happy! I was really worried about him getting into things on the end tables etc. but we don't really have any knick knacks and it hasn't been an issue. My favorite thing though is when he puts his sippy down on the coaster on the end table. So cute!Actually, once his eye level got a bit higher because of being upright, things like outlets and plugs were much less interesting and he got into a bit less. Now that he's figured out how/gotten tall enough to get to our "safe" zone on the kitchen counter (6 months later), that is chaos! We just need to relearn how we do things.


  3. LOL. Yes, they go very quickly from wobbly walkers to speed demon terrors. The most absolutely adorable terrors you can imagine, but terrors nonetheless. ;)
    We'll have to get together to have the kids play as soon as we're all back in the city.

  4. Nice.
    I love her walker friend. Great training tool there doggy.