Monday, September 2, 2013

Monkey Business

This picture doesn't look like much. It is what you don't see that makes it. 

You don't see Teagan in her own crib in this picture. You don't see the mattresses, sheets and stuffed animals tossed all over the room. You don't see Jenn rushing up the stairs because of the loud banging. You don't see two little monkeys climbing back and forth between cribs. You don't see mattresses on the floor so that the little monkeys can jump on the boards below. 

I thought (read: REALLY, REALLY hoped) that we had until January before the monkeys started climbing out of their cribs. Given their destructive history, I've been dreading the switch to beds. Quinn made the first move two weeks ago at nap time. She climbed out of her crib three times in 20 minutes. For the next week, I lay on their floor at nap time until she fell asleep. Fortunately for me, she fell asleep quickly. I was delaying the inevitable, I know. 

Jenn walked into their room at nap time yesterday to find Quinn asleep and Teagan standing in the middle of their room naked with her clothes, mattress and sheets everywhere. She was chatting (to herself) about "sleeping Mimi" and was apparently an inch away from grabbing her. I'm grateful that poop has remained IN their diapers. 

Needless to say, toddler beds have been ordered. Wish us luck!


  1. I block so much of this out. I try to forget. aaaah but alas. the memories sweep back through my raggedy ass hair and remind me how my twins made me lose almost all of it.

  2. Good luck!
    Also, if you think they wouldn't be able to get out of a sleepsack I could lend you a few to buy you some time. ;)

    1. We use sleep sacks! We even started putting them on backwards when they started getting out of them. I don't use them at naptime because I fear that they will try to climb out in it and hurt themselves. Although, this morning, Q did just that...she climbed out of her crib wearing the sack and then managed to get out of it (despite it being on backwards!). Beds arrive today!

  3. Good luck with the toddler beds! Hoping it goes smoothly and that the monkey business settles down to a minimal :)

  4. Oh my gosh, these girls are my favorite! I'm sure this can all be stressful for the mamas, but for the rest of us reading these stories - it's quite entertaining. I always look to your posts as a preview of things to come for us with Grace being a few months behind. I didn't realize that transitioning to beds happened this early, ekkkk! I better start preparing myself...